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TOP 15 highest paid engineering jobs in Australia

Engineers have always seen Australia as a land of opportunity. Engineering jobs are in high demand, and you have various options. Telecommunications, construction, mining, information technology, and pharmaceuticals are some of the industries where you can work.

However, if you are an engineering student, you can earn 5 Permanent Residency (PR) points once you graduate. Use the 44-week Professional Year Program to understand the country’s workforce better. The PY Engineering Program includes engineering internship placement and training for graduates of Australian institutions.

However, a few questions arise in everyone’s mind: Engineers make a lot of money. What are the engineering career options in Australia? Understand how much an engineer in Australia earns based on their engineering disciplines and jobs.

List of top 15 highest paid engineering jobs in Australia

Software engineer

A software engineer’s major task is to manage the full software development lifecycle. He oversees activities such as analyzing needs, designing, testing, and developing software. The engineer must be familiar with computer systems and know how hardware constraints affect software design.

Salary in Australia: Approx. AUD 57000 to AUD$112000

Civil engineer

If you have a professional engineer’s license, you can work independently as a Civil Engineer. The engineer’s tasks are to analyze surrounding areas and site locations, thus determining construction feasibility. He develops plans and designs with the help of computer software programs and resolves design challenges.

Salary in Australia: Approx. AUD$100,000 to AUD$120,000

Mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineers are responsible for developing, testing, and designing mechanical devices, among other things. These engineers use communication and technical problem-solving. They are experienced in project management while also adhering to established engineering practices.

Salary in Australia: Approx. AUD$55,000 to AUD$110,000

Electrical engineer

These engineers are responsible for designing new electrical systems and testing and installing electrical procedures. To build, plan, and enhance electrical systems, they employ software. They do thorough calculations and assist in developing building, production, and installation specifications and standards at their finest.

Salary in Australia: Approx. AUD$75,000 to AUD$152,580

Chemical engineer

Chemical engineers are experts in various chemical properties and are responsible for developing new chemical substances. They work as troubleshooters to improve industrial operations by implementing better chemical systems. They operate in product development, research, and chemical process experimentation.

Salary in Australia: Approx. AUD$57,000 to AUD$117,000

Environmental engineer

Environmental engineers act as technology advisors, assisting in the areas of rising pollution, land use, environmental regulations, and resource regulation. They employ technology to aid in the development of sound solutions. They are effective in assisting in forming public policy for regulating air, land, and water resources.

Salary in Australia: Approx. AUD$62,000 to AUD$111,000

Petroleum engineer

These experts conduct preliminary surveys and employ various techniques to extract natural gas and oil from varying depths beneath the earth’s surface. They assist teams in recommending drilling sites depending on the effort, cost, and practicality of retrieving the product from the location where it is identified.

Salary in Australia: Approx. AUD$66,000 to AUD$194,000

Production or plant engineer

Production engineers are in charge of overseeing the manufacturing process. They make certain that production demands are affordable. They choose the materials for a product’s construction, assemble it to ensure quality, and run a manufacturing line using workers and machinery.

Salary in Australia: Approx. AUD$41,200 to AUD$128,000

Industrial engineer

Every industrial engineer tries to manage and improve their company’s manufacturing operations. They improve the efficiency of a plant or comparable facility. Overall, these engineers assess current production rates and data on process efficiency within a sector of the overall facility or plant.

Salary in Australia: Approx. AUD$47,000 to AUD$105,000

Transport engineer

The transport engineer’s primary role is to supervise engineering projects. They oversee project planning, transportation system design and development, and scheduling. They make certain that transportation projects are finished on time and on budget. Engineers work in the fields of transportation, technology, airports, buildings, and railways.

Salary in Australia: Approx. AUD$60,000 to AUD$141,000

Aeronautical engineer

Aeronautical engineers work for the government or for military contractors. They maintain, design, and supervise the construction and research of spacecraft, as well as aircraft, missiles, and satellites. Certain positions require security clearance because they work in facilities that require special access.

Salary in Australia: Approx. AUD$52,000 to AUD$123,000

Quantity surveyor

Quantity surveyors are in charge of overseeing and managing engineering projects. They’re in charge of increasing project value for various clients while maintaining a decent quality and cost balance. Cost consultants who deal with contractors or clients are known as construction or engineering cost consultants.

Salary in Australia: Approx. AUD$53,000 to AUD$116,000

Biomedical engineer

Biomedical engineers work as part of a team to provide support. Their key responsibility is to have a good grasp of engineering principles that are necessary for that comprehension. These engineers must consider their ideas from a marketing perspective and have the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions.

Salary in Australia: Approx. AUD$51,000 to AUD$91,000

Nuclear engineer

The nuclear power is on the engineers to develop and analyze processes, instruments, and systems used to derive nuclear energy and radiation benefits. They research nuclear energy system problems, design and develop nuclear equipment. They oversee testing, operation, and nuclear reactor maintenance.

Salary in Australia: Approx. AUD$64,000 to AUD$133,000

Mining engineer

These mining engineers provide technical support for different operations. They provide estimates relevant to mining construction and are involved with capital projects and equipment selection for mining operations. They are involved in troubleshooting, upgrading, customizing, and rebuilding mining equipment.

Salary in Australia: Approx. AUD$85,000 to AUD$159,000

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