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Relationship Statement for Partner Visa

How to write a Relationship Statement for Partner Visa?

The Department can offer a sample statutory declaration for the Australian sponsor of a partner visa. When evaluating your connection and application, the case officer must take into account the factors mentioned in the Department’s sample statutory declarations.

A partner visa application is a challenging process that is made all the more challenging by the partner visa’s high denial rate (37%) among all Australian visas. But for a variety of reasons, it does not slow down the speeds at which Australia is moving.

The statement of your partnership is an essential aspect of your partner’s visa application. We strongly advise you to take advantage of this chance to speak with the case officer face-to-face and describe the specifics of your connection.

The visa and sponsor applicants must write relationship statements under the Australian Partner Visa program. This article will go over how to write partner visa relationship statements.

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The following are the two main goals of the Relationship Statement for Partner Visa.

  • Explain the nature of your relationship, how you met, and a timeline of significant events that contributed to the development of your partnership.
  • Second, explain any inconsistencies in your evidence, close any gaps, and put your evidence into context.

There should be two to three pages in each statement. The major goal of this statement is to show that you have an ongoing, genuine relationship. This is a pivotal period for you to tell the case officer about your connection in your own words and demonstrate that it is true. Therefore, it is important to modify and examine it to make sure the assertion is as powerful as possible.

If you manage and file your application through a Registered Migration Agent, they can give you examples or templates showing how the document should be organized.

Tips for writing an Effective Relationship Statement for your Partner Visa.

1. Do not be ashamed.

Describe how you met when you first started dating. Inform the case officer about the development of your relationship. Did you two start off as peers? How long did you know each other before you started dating?

Put as much detail as you can in this section to describe how you progressed from a casual or friendship connection to a serious commitment. Don’t be scared to describe your initial impressions of your partner and what attracted you to them. Although putting everything down on paper can be weird, it is necessary for the process.

2. Run spell check

To ensure that your message is written with proper spelling and grammar, print it several times and proofread it. It would be helpful if you made an effort to spell correctly the names of important locations and people, including your spouse and family. We advise having a discussion with a relative or close friend before you sign the statement.

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3. Explain separations

Have you ever been apart for an extended amount of time? Explain how and how often you communicated. Did you communicate via phone calls and text messages frequently? Did you utilize texting apps or emails to communicate? Have you taken any vacations on your own? How did you stay in touch throughout that time if that was the case? It’s critical to put some information here because your case officer will scrutinize your separation times.

4. Explain how it developed.

Have you ever spent a long time separated from someone? Describe your communication methods and frequency. Did you use text and phone calls to converse frequently? Did you communicate using emails or texting apps? Have you ever gone on a solo vacation? If that’s the case, how did you stay in touch during that time? Because your case officer will carefully examine your separation times, it is imperative that you provide some information here.

5. Describe day-to-day life

You should also describe the type of household you and your partner share in the statement. This criterion examines the management of your family since you began co-living. You can define who does the cooking and cleaning, how to split up other household duties, and how your finances support your family.

6. Mention hobbies

You should also talk about your hobbies and the things you enjoy doing together. This should incorporate all of your joint vacations and activities (internet gaming, family outings, hiking). Describe the leisure activities you and your partner like doing together in more detail using this statement.

7. Talk about your finances

How you and your partner handle and manage your finances should be included in your financial statement. In the event that you still have to share bank accounts, this is very crucial. Financial commitments like transportation, shopping, rent, and credit card payments should be included in your budget. But you should also talk about the differences in your connection, in addition to the problems.

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8. Mention your plans for the future.

You must demonstrate that you two are truly connected, that this connection is ongoing, and that you desire to spend the rest of your life together. List your impending plans in the statement, such as travel arrangements or sizable purchases. You can also talk about your aspirations for the future, such as getting married or starting a family. You might also describe how you two want to save for a down payment on a home or make other important purchases.

9. Bring your colleagues on it.

It’s time to remove the old Christmas cards and wedding invitations that have been collecting dust in a drawer. Your relatives and friends cherish your relationship if they ask you to events. Indicate where, when, and whether you attended the relationship statements on your partner visa.

10. Make sure your dates are correct.

To demonstrate how long your relationship has lasted, make sure your remark is sprinkled with precise dates. Let the reader know how long you’ve been dating. Include important events like the day you moved in together, your wedding day, and other milestone anniversaries that are important to you both.

We advise you to create a preliminary statement draught using bullet points before adding more detail. Many candidates find that prior to drafting the partnership declaration, they find it helpful to develop a timeline and discuss it with their partners. There cannot be any information that conflicts with the assertions made by the sponsor and applicant.

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