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Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) is a classification system based on an applicant’s skill. It classifies all occupations and jobs available in the Australian and New Zealand markets. The main goal of ANZSCO codes is to assist applicants in nominating an ICT occupation as per their qualification. 

Applicants from ICT backgrounds applying for Australian Immigration will need an RPL report for the respective ANZSCO code suited for their claimed occupation. They need to go through  ACS skill assessment and have a positive outcome. 

The selection of the ANZSCO code is the most crucial part as the applicant has to provide every detail of their employment period. If the work experience and their duties, and responsibilities performed matches closely to an ANZSCO code, then that code will be used in your skill assessment application. You can find the ANZSCO code RPL list for the ICT occupation below. 

ANZSCO Code List for ICT occupation

Here are the lists of ANZSCO codes RPL for various ICT Professionals specified by the Australian Computer Society (ACS). 

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