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Career Episode Writing

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    Engineers Australia wants three career episodes from applicants. The career episode is essential in showcasing your engineering competence and knowledge. Each episode demonstrates how you applied your engineering knowledge and skills in the nominated occupation. Each of the three career episodes focuses upon a specific period of your engineering activity. 

    Career Episode Writing Service for Engineers Australia

    Career Episodes are the most vital part of CDR writing. It needs extra care and effort to make an impression on Engineers Australia (EA). There are three career episodes in CDR, and each episode is written based on three different projects you have done in final year engineering, internship program, and/or work-related tasks. Our expert team provides Career Episode Writing Services based on your professional experiences by assisting you to write all three of the career episodes uniquely.

    To write a Career Episode report, one has to choose a particular incident or theme related to his or her academic and career and elaborate on how the engineer used specific competencies to handle that particular project.

    Engineers Australia most probably asks engineers to write their CDR Report to demonstrate their communication skills to the assessor. With the experience of writing more than 200 Career Episodes to date (and a 100% Success Rate), we provide safe and trusted guidelines. But, if you present a poorly written CDR to the EA, you will instantly get your CDR report rejected by Engineers Australia.

    What is a Career Episode report for Engineers Australia?

    Career Episode Report (CER) for Engineers Australia accounts for your engineering education and/or work experience as long as it turns out to be a significant and constructive engineering activity. Each of the three career episodes focuses upon a specific period of your engineering activity. Each episode demonstrates how you applied your engineering knowledge and skills in the nominated occupation. The cornerstone of a good CER lies in its originality and your good use of the English language.

    Things to consider for Career Episode Writing

    While EA gauges your engineering ability through career episodes, it also cautions you to include only a few technicalities. Writing a Career Episode Report is as much an art as a science. Therefore how many technicalities to have is an art.

    Career Episode Report is all about YOU! EA expects to read what YOU did rather than what the TEAM did. Therefore ensure that your contribution is coming out straight on the paper.

    Each Career Episode addresses one Competency Unit and its subsequent elements. Competency units differ based on the occupational category you are applying for.

    CDRAustraliaMigration provides Career Episode Writing Services considering the following options:

    • Each Career Episode must be written in Australian English in your own words. However, it is not enough to know English or even Australian English. Career Episodes should always be written in the first person, and an active voice should be used. You should generally start your sentences using the word ‘I.’ For example, ‘I developed,’ ‘I researched,’ ‘I analyzed,’ etc.
    • Each career episode Writing must demonstrate the application of engineering knowledge and skills in the nominated occupation. State what you did and describe how you did it, emphasizing your role in the episode.
    • Career Episodes must be written in an essay format, but the technical aspects should be narrative rather than presenting the mathematical calculations and the detailed engineering design/fabrication process.
    • Numbering each paragraph in your Career Episodes is essential to provide a reference in the Summary Statement Writing. The following is the format recommended:
    • episode 1 (paragraphs 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.)
    • Career episode 2 (paragraphs 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc.)
    • Career episode 3 (paragraphs 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, etc.)

    What is the format of a Career Episode?

    1. Introduction

    The introduction of a Career Episode should be approximately 100 words. It should serve as an opening to the particular episode. It should include basic information such as:

    • Chronology – Dates and duration of the Career Episode (the exact date of beginning as well as the ending of the episode)
    • Name of the educational institution/organization where the experience was gained
    • Geographical location of your project (city, state, country) where the experience was gained
    • Title of the position held by you at that particular institution/organization

    2. Background

    The background should be written in 200-500 words. It should set the operational background of the working/studying. It is supposed to provide a solid context to your career episode. It should include the following information about your Career Episode:

    • Nature of the engineering project you carried out
    • Objective of the project
    • Nature of the work area your project focused on
    • Organizational structure chart highlighting your position in the project’s hierarchy during that particular Career Episode
    • Official duty statement where available)

    3. Personal Engineering Activity

    Statement/Details of your duties in relation to the project concerned.

    This part of the Career Episode should be 500 to 1000 words long. Personal Engineering Activity is the main body of your Career Episode Report (CER) where you should demonstrate your actual application of the engineering ability in detail (i.e. you should actually start writing about the work you did as an engineer). It should include the following information:

    • Your particular role in the team.
    • How you applied your knowledge.
    • The engineering tasks that were entrusted to you.
    • How you accomplished the project.
    • How you worked with other team members.
    • Any particular technical difficulties/problems you encountered and how you solved them.
    • Significant contribution or strategies devised by you including any original or creative design work.

    4. Summary

    The summary is the last part of your Career Episode Report (CER) which should be 50 to 100 words. It should sum up the entire episode and should include the following information:

    • Overview of your project.
    • Information about whether the project met its goals/objectives.
    • Mention the praise if you got any for the project.
    • How your personal role contributed to the project in the conclusion section?

    Career Episode Writing Service Guarantees

    1. Well Experienced Engineer Writers

    CDRAustraliaMigration has highly qualified and well-experienced skilled engineers from all engineering fields on our team which ensures the perfect CDR Career Episode Writing Service.

    2. 100% Approval Rate

    Our experts are very much familiar with the requirements of Engineers Australia. CDR Australia Migration is very proud to say that our CDR has always been approved by Engineers Australia (EA) at the first time of submission.

    3. 100% Original Content

    Our experts have the ability to draft a perfect Career Episode with authentic data that is easily verifiable. We make sure that your report is always unique.

    4. On-time Delivery

    CDRAustraliaMigration knows the value of time, so we set realistic deadlines for you and ourselves and stick to them. We constantly communicate with you to give updates as we progress and get CER and the whole CDR report prepared a week before the required time. The more you place your order early, the better CER and the whole CDR report we can offer.

    5. Most Competitive Prices

    CDR Australia Migration offers you our CDR Career Episode Writing Service at competitive prices with quality service. In fact, you can avail of our CDR Career Episode Writing Services at a nominal price, which is affordable for everyone.

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