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Stage 1 Competency Assessment

Stage 1 Competency Assessment

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    Stage 1 Competency Assessment Service

    Many organizations and employers require that engineers are eligible for membership with Engineers Australia. To be eligible for membership you need to demonstrate what is known as CDRAustraliaMigration helps to apply for Stage 1 Competency Assessment with the Engineers Australia by providing relevant samples. The easiest way to demonstrate Stage 1 competency is through the completion of an engineering qualification that is accredited or recognized by Engineers Australia.

    Whether you want us to prepare your Competency Demonstration Report, CDR from scratch or you want us to review and revise your CDR report to ensure that it fully conforms to Engineers Australia migration requirements, you are in the right place.

    We have experienced engineering and technical writers, and therefore you don’t have to worry in case you have not worked on three technical projects that can be used to develop 3 Career Episodes and the Summary Statement for your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR).

    CDRAustraliaMigration helps you to apply for Stage 1 Competency Assessment with the Engineers Australia by providing examples and samples of CDR and assistance in the CDR preparation.

    What is Stage 1 Competency?

    Stage 1 is the level of competency needed for entry to practice as a qualified member of the engineering team, corresponding to completion of an accredited or recognized educational qualification. Eligibility for Membership is based on a Stage 1 Competency Assessment.

    Stage 1 Competency means you have a thorough understanding of the body of engineering knowledge relevant to your occupational category (Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, or Engineering Associate); and the ability to apply this knowledge to representative problems and situations typical of the responsibilities of practitioners in your occupational category. You must also have the attributes and skills necessary to function as a professional, and the intellectual skills to test and continually extend your knowledge through lifelong learning in formal and informal contexts.

    Stage 1 Competency is a combination of knowledge and professional attributes, which are assessed as competencies.

    The standard at Stage 1 for each occupational category is comprised of three Competencies:

    • Competency 1: Knowledge Base
    • Competency 2: Engineering Ability
    •  Competency 3: Professional Attributes

    Each Competency describes a particular area of performance and is comprised of Elements.

    The Elements are the necessary components or activities which make up Competency. Details of the Elements are different for each of the three occupational categories. To be assessed as a Stage 1 component, you must demonstrate each element overall. Each Element has a set of Indicators that provide a guide to the level of performance and allow a judgment to be made on whether the element of competency has been achieved. These Indicators describe and list the ways in which the Element would typically be demonstrated and assessed.

    There are various Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) samples suitable for assessment for membership with the Engineers Australia available from CDRAustralia. All our CDR examples have been recently approved by the Engineers Australia and stand in all their requirements. These samples include 3 narratives, Summary Statement and CPD writing and written in a high style yet simple language and are easy for adaptation for creation of your own CDR.

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