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494 Visa

494 Visa – Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Visa

The Subclass 494 Visa is a Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional visa that allows regional Australian firms to hire foreign nationals to fulfill skill shortages in their community. They can use the 494 visa to sponsor skilled foreigners in positions where they can’t find a suitable Australian candidate.

Each year, a total of 10,000 visas are available. An applicant must be supported for the position by a regional employer for a period of five years in order to be considered. For five years, holders of the subclass 494 visa can reside and work in regional Australia. Unless an exemption applies, it has a 45-year age limit.

494 Visa Eligibility requirements for Applicant:

Be nominated by an approved sponsor to work in an occupation on the relevant skilled occupation list.

  • Have three years of relevant work experience.
  • Have a suitable skills assessment for the occupation.
  • Meet minimum standards of English language proficiency.
  • Be willing to work in a regional area.

To be nominated under the subclass 494 visa, the applicant must have worked in the nominated occupation for at least three years at the time of application. Full-time employment is required, and the required degree of competencies for the chosen occupation must fall into one of two categories:

  • Academic applicants
  • Subclass 444/461 workers

Once the applicant lives in the regional area for three years, they can apply for an Australia PR visa.

Can I get permanent residence with a 494 Visa?

The 494 visa does not let you go to Australia directly. After three years of residence in Australia, applicants can apply for permanent residency. It’s similar to the 491 visa, which is valid for five years.

Conditions and pathway to PR:

  • To receive a Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) 191 Visa, you must reside and work in regional areas for 3 years on a 494 visa.
  • You’ll be able to change jobs, but you’ll only have 90 days to find a new nominator.
  • For the next three years, you will be ineligible to apply for any additional skilled PR.
  • On a 494 visa, you are eligible for Medicare and are not obliged to have health insurance.

Learn about the level of skills

Applicants for the 494 visa must demonstrate that your tasks have been the same for the previous three years as those on the list.  on the other hand, closely related to the nominated occupation. When an applicant indicates that they intend to work in a specific occupation but does not do so, DHA will consider the following:

  • Has completed the same or closely related tasks as those listed in ANZSCO for the nominated occupation; and
  • Has reached the same level of skill and has taken certain responsibility.

Benefits of the 494 Visa:

  • Can apply for permanent residence without a second nomination stage, if eligible, through the subclass 191 visa (commences 16 November 2022).
  • Lower cost to employers with only one SAF levy stage for the subclass 494 nomination (compared to the two stages for the current subclass 482 to ENS subclass 186 permanent resident pathway)

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