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Most in-demand Engineering Jobs in Australia

The Most in-demand Engineering Jobs in Australia in 2022-2023​

Are you seeking a job that is the most in-demand engineering job in Australia in 2023? If you have any amount of engineering experience, you can find a job in Australia. There are plenty of job listings available, so it is important to know what the most in-demand and highest-paying jobs are. In this blog, you will explore the most sought-after engineering positions in Australia in 2023 and what qualifications are required to secure the best opportunities. By reviewing the list, you can understand which engineering jobs will be the most in-demand in the country over the next few years.

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Lists of Most in-demand Engineering Jobs in Australia in 2022-2023 are:

1. Mechanical Engineer:

Mechanical Engineers (ANZSCO 233512) are responsible for designing, developing, manufacturing, and testing machines and systems that use mechanical energy to transform, move or perform work. They are involved in many different areas of engineering such as aerospace, automotive, biomedical, construction, medical, computer, and electronics. Mechanical engineers are expected to be able to design and build a wide range of equipment including engines, cars, computers, and many other devices. That is why it is among Australia’s most in-demand engineering jobs in 2022-2023.

  • Average starting salary: $82,000
  • Average mid-level salary: $92,000
  • Average expert salary: $127,000

2. Automation and Robotics Engineer:

An automation and robotics engineer designs robots and automation systems and uses them in manufacturing, industry, and research. They design systems that help automate a process or manufacturing line and robots that help with assembly, inspection, and maintenance. Automation engineers are employed in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, food processing, and chemical.

  • Average starting salary: $77,000
  • Average mid-level salary: $92,000
  • Average expert salary: $99,000

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3. Project Engineer:

Project engineers are responsible for the management of a project. They are the ones who are in charge of managing the project from start to finish and making sure that the project is completed successfully. Project engineers usually work with the project team to ensure that all the tasks required for the project are completed on time and according to plan.

  1. Average starting salary: $71,000
  2. Average mid-level salary: $89,000
  3. Average expert salary: $100,000

There eers also oversee the project’s progress, monitor deadlines, and make sure that all resources are utilized efficiently.

4. Mining Engineer:

Mining engineers are responsible for extracting minerals and metals from the earth. They have a wide range of skills that allow them to work on different kinds of mining sites, including surface mines, underground mines, and open-pit mines. Mining engineers are also responsible for designing and building equipment such as loaders and drills. Mining engineers are typically employed in large mines that produce metals such as copper, gold, silver, platinum, or iron.

  • Average starting salary: $68,000
  • Average mid-level Salary: $89,000
  • Average expert salary: $109,000

5. Electrical Engineer:

Electrical Engineer is among the most demanded engineering jobs in Australia. As Electrical engineers have the ability to design, build, and maintain electrical systems in homes, buildings, and machines. They design and install electrical wiring, power distribution systems, and electrical devices. They also test and maintain equipment to ensure that it is working properly. Electrical engineers need to be able to read and understand schematics, use hand tools, and use measuring instruments such as voltmeters and ammeters.

  • Average starting salary: $67,000
  • Average mid-level salary: $82,000
  • Average expert salary: $96,000

6. Alternative Energy Engineer:

Alternative energy engineers are in charge of designing and implementing new technologies that use alternative sources of energy such as solar, wind, geothermal, and tidal power. Alternative energy engineers are in charge of the design and installation of alternative energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, and hydroelectric plants. They also research new energy sources to determine if they are cost-effective and feasible.

  • Average starting salary: $65,000
  • Average mid-level salary: $82,000
  • Average expert salary: $91,000

7. Civil Engineer:

A civil engineer is a person that is specialized in the design, construction, and    maintenance of infrastructure including buildings, roads, bridges, canals, dams ,water, and wastewater systems. They work in different areas of engineering such as structural engineering, environmental engineering, water resources management, and transportation engineering. Therefore, it is among the most in-demand engineering jobs in Australia.

  • Average starting salary: $59,000
  • Average mid-level salary: $72,000
  • Average expert salary: $96,000

8. Software Engineer:

Software Engineer techniques are used to inform the software development process, including defining, implementing, evaluating, measuring, managing, changing, and improving the software life cycle process itself.

  • Average starting salary:  $80,000
  • Average mid-level salary: $90,000 
  • Average expert salary: $119,081

Some other in-demand engineering jobs in Australia are

  • Chemical Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Production or Plant Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Transport Engineer
  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Quantity Survey
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Nuclear Engineer


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