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Engineers Australia Assessment Validity

Engineers Australia Assessment Validity

If you are looking for Skilled Migration to Australia, then you must obtain a positive skill assessment result first before applying for the visa.  Engineers Australia Assessment Validity is the designated assessing authority for all engineering occupations that will measure your academic qualification, work experience, English level, etc. Once you get the assessment result for your desired pathway, you can apply for the migration.


According to Engineers Australia, the assessment result will remain valid forever for Engineers Australia. However, DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) mandates that the assessment notification should be no more than three years old at the time of migration application. You have to contact the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) for the renewal of the assessment letter after that period of time. You must return the original letter to Migration Skills Assessment with the full payment form to receive an updated letter.


After the success of your assessment procedure, an assessment outcome letterappropriate for migration purposes will be sent to you by means of email for  Engineers Australia Assessment Validity. In the event that you have nominated a migration agent to follow up on your behalf, your outcome letter will be sent by means of email to your agent instead. For the letters that cannot be issued electronically, they will be sent by ordinary post and you may be charged a fee for this service. The outcome letters can be confirmed online by entering the application details on the Assessment Outcome Verification page.


Things to prepare before applying for EA assessment

Need to assess your engineering qualification for migration purposes.

The first step is to  choose your assessment pathwayThere are six pathways for Migration Skills Assessment.


Accredited Qualifications


1) Australian Qualifications 

2) Washington Accord Qualifications 

3) Sydney Accord Qualifications 

4) Dublin Accord Qualifications 

5) Other Recognized Qualifications 


Non-Accredited qualifications


6) Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

Provide evidence of english language competency

Engineers Australia requires evidence of English language proficiency if you are applying to have your skills assessed.

English test results provided as part of your skills assessment

The three test results currently accepted are IELTS, TOEFL iBT®, and PTE ACADEMIC.

For PTE, you must send your PTE Academic score to “Engineers Australia” using Pearson’s online secure site so that they verify your result.

How long is your english test result valid for?

From the 1st March 2021, Engineers Australia accepts IELTS, TOEFL iBT, and PTE Academic English test scores no more than three years after the test date at the time of receiving your application.

If you have limited engineering experience. You still apply for an assessment of engineering qualification

Yes, you can still submit an application. Please keep in mind that work experience is not a requirement. You can illustrate your abilities by referencing your undergraduate engineering degree as well as the project/work experience components of your academic studies.

Want to know if your qualification is accredited or not?

Please check the International Engineering Alliance (IEA) website Qualification Checker to verify that your qualification has been accredited by the signatory country’s representative body.

Please note that before applying through the Accredited Qualifications pathway, you must ensure that your qualification is an accredited program. If your qualification is later shown to be unaccredited, there will be no refund.

What does "Fast Track" mean?

If you select the “Fast Track” option, your application will be processed more quickly and assigned to an assessor in Fast Track Timeframe.

You can choose the Fast Track service option while submitting your application, or you can submit your Fast Track service request online after it has been submitted.


FAQ - Engineers Australia Assessment Validity

1. How long is an Australian skills assessment valid for?

Ans – A skills assessment is valid for three years. If your skills assessment letter lacks a date, you can safely assume that the assessment is valid for three years from the date of issue. On the other hand, the skills assessment lists a date less than three years old, and the skill assessment validity follows the letter’s date. 


In cases where the skill assessment letter has more than three years of validity, the Department will only take into account the most recent date.


 2. How do I renew my engineering skills assessment in Australia?

Ans- A TRA Skills Assessment Outcome Letter is valid for three years after its issue. TRA Skills Assessment Outcome Letters cannot be renewed after they expire. You will need to apply for a new Skills Assessment and undergo the new Skills Assessment application Process. 



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