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Engineers Australia Assessment Outcome Letter

Engineers Australia Assessment Outcome Letter

After the success of Engineers Australia Skill Assessment procedure, Outcome Letter appropriate for migration purposes will be sent to you by means of email. In the event that you have nominated a migration agent following up on your behalf, your outcome letter will be sent by means of email to your agent instead. For the letters that cannot be issued electronically, it will be sent by ordinary post and you may be charged a fee for this service. The outcome letters can be confirmed online by entering the application details on the Assessment Outcome Verification page.

Third parties including the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) can perceive your outcome by filling in the required fields on the outcome verification page. Third parties will have the capacity to see your assessment date, granted occupational category and a copy of your outcome letter. DIBP case officers approach additional information with respect to your application through their password protected access.

In the letter, the assessor addresses that the competencies that you have demonstrated in your competency demonstration report (CDR) meets the current requirement for their classified occupation. The letter also mentions that under the General Skilled Migration points test, your qualification is assessed to the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) level as the highest relevant qualification. Relevant Skilled Employment is an additional assessment service that you need to apply and pay for. If you have not applied for this additional service, your employment will not be reflected in the outcome letter. And if you have applied for this, it will be assessed in support of your assessment outcome.

Please keep in mind that “all advice mentioned in the outcome letter is based on evidence as submitted, and the assessment does not constitute an opinion as to the veracity of claims made. Determination of points under the skilled migration points test remains at the discretion of delegated officers of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.”

In case you are not satisfied with the outcome of your assessment, you can apply for an informal review of your application or apply for a formal appeal. An informal review may take up to 8 weeks and it can only be requested within 3 months of receiving the original assessment outcome. A formal appeal should be made within 6 months of the date of the original assessment outcome letter and it may take 3 months to process. Relevant forms and fees are available from EA website.

Here are some documents required while getting your CDR approved

  1. CDR Application Form.
  2. Self-Attested copy of Report.
  3. Certified Copy of your academic documentation.
  4. copy of your curriculum vitae.
  5. A list of continuing professional development.
  6. Scores and Certificates of the International English Language Test.
  7.  Career episode reports.
  8. Summary statement on your capabilities and competences.

In this blog, we will mention a few tips that one needs to follow while writing the CDR report.

These tips are mentioned below:

  1. Before starting to write a CDR report, one should keep in mind that they completely understand the main purpose of the report and read all the guidelines very carefully.
  2. Keep in mind that you have included all the details of you and your company. You can even skip over further information about the company, such as its history and market share. EA is only interested in information about you, not your organization.
  3. The most important thing to keep in your mind is that you write Australian English correctly and accurately.
  4. Start writing the Career Episode in the first person and in ‘Active Voice’.
  5. Your writing must be in prescriptive style. You must make sure that your entire document fits into the Australian style.
  6. It is very important to choose the most appropriate and relevant topics for your Career Episodes. To do so, you should read the entire EA list of competencies. After that, you should choose your topic concerning the events you have applied in your career span.
  7. Make sure that you are capable of presenting all the pieces of evidence that can validate all your claims in your career episodes.
  8. You must always try to write original content. Make sure that you do not include any plagiarized statements in your CDR content. Never copy any other CDR samples.

Engineers who want to migrate to Australia must be examined by Engineers Australia. The Competency Demonstration Report is used to make this assessment. As a result, it’s important to prepare your CDR report carefully and accurately. After all, it must be approved by  Engineers Australia.

The purpose of evaluating the CDR report is to get knowledge upon the following:

  1. Your entire understanding of engineering’s technical details.
  2. All of the processes in which you applied your engineering skills and knowledge
  3. How competent you are of completing the engineering occupation that you have chosen.

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