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Australia migration during Covid-19

Understand Travel Restriction and Australia Migration during COVID-19

With the ongoing crisis caused by COVID-19, there have been several changes to the Australian immigration rule. Australia has implied strict border rules and tightened security. With very few flights running within the country, you will not be able to travel during this time. Although they have made specific changes to the travel restrictions, travelers are required to stay in a 14-days quarantine period at the designated facility. Travelers under the exempt category can only travel with necessary measures.

Note:  Exempt category enlist the citizens of Australia, permanent residents, an immediate member of the citizen of the PR holder, a citizen of New Zealand residing in Australia along with their immediate family member, diplomat accredited to Australia, airline, marine crew members, traveler transiting via Australia for 72 h or less. You have to request for travel exemption online at least two weeks, not more than three months of your planned travel date.

Temporary Visa holders

Tourist visa, student visa, sponsorship visas, etc., are some of the temporary visa examples. Temporary visa holders do not have to worry about leaving Australia as long as they have a valid visa. If you are near your visa expiration, you have to renew your visa to stay in the country legally.

Australia Migration and COVID-19

Australia is structurally dependent on immigration. Australia has seen negative population growth as many Australian born leave the country causing low birth rate. Negative population growth usually results in negative economic growth hence comes forward, the migrants.

There is no doubt that restrictions will be made on foreigners entering the country affecting tourism altogether. However, the educational institutions and the Australian government are planning for the 2021 intake. After the post-COVID 19, there is a big chance that the number of students visas issued will increase. As Australia will need a boost to their economy and the higher education industry can be that boost. So, for students, there will be attractive post-study work visa options and the options to stay back and be a permanent residence. No virus stops students to explore their knowledge and enthusiasm they have for foreign education. Everything will be going to settle down soon.

Due to closure of visa application centers all around the world,  oversea students have been facing quite a  problem. The students were not able to submit their applications or renew the existing ones. Recently, numerous visa application centers have started reopening. Even though visa application centers have opened, we cannot guarantee the processing time. This is because of social distancing measures as well as the excessive workload the centers are anticipated to receive.

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