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10 Things to Consider While Writing CPD for Engineers Australia Skills Assessment

Are you wondering how to write a perfect CPD for Engineer Australia Skills Assessment? Well, here you can get a complete idea of 10 Things to Consider While Writing CPD for Engineers Australia Skills Assessment.

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development which helps to explain what is your knowledge and skills in the related fields. By taking help from the CPD you will be up-to-date with technical progress and skills in your engineering career to be maintained. CPD helps to widen your professional networks and contacts and it is prepared to check how well you have maintained your chartered status by Engineers Australia.

Engineers Australia has divided Professional Engineers Competencies into four Principle Elements they are Personal Commitment, Obligation to Community, Value of Workplace, and Technical Proficiency.

Things to consider while writing CPD for engineers australia skills

1. CPD must be in list format with the following necessary information:

  • Title of Training
  • Date of Training
  • Duration of the Training
  • Venue of the Training

2. CPD should be in Chronological order.
3. CPD should include the following details:

  • Post-graduate study(formal)
  • Workshops, short courses, seminars, discussion groups, technical meetings and inspections attended by Engineer.
  • Research papers presented or delivered in any conferences or publication.
  • Presentation and preparations of material for courses, seminars, conference and symposium.
  • Services to the Engineering Profession

4. It must include the detailed information about title, date, time period, location and other relevant information.
5. CPD must be in one A4 page. No exceed than one page.

6. It is not required to attach the certificates of courses and events in which you were involved.
7. CPD is not just summary of technical skills and knowledge, it contain the things like when you were working for a company how do you use any software or coding or any business management strategies.
8. You must provide the CPD in a list format so that it can be easily understood. A CDR application contain all the relevant CPD which is helps a lot for your further career in Australia.

9. Inside the CPD, it only contain the information about what you did but not the how you did.
10. It is not necessary to include all the certificate from each course you have described. As the CPD doesn’t consist of every detail that has been done on the various activities that were done so the CPD should not be too long.

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