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Electronics Engineering Scope- Is it worth migrating to Australia ?

The main factor driving people towards Australia is a good life, better facilities, good pay, etc. Australia welcomes skilled people to help flourish the nation altogether. Australia has the composition of all the people from around the world. It is what makes Australia diversified. People who have already moved to Australia don’t regret their decision and, living the life they’ve dreamed of. You get the benefits of not only good paying high end jobs, but also other things like children’s education, healthcare, and the future.

We have seen a huge increase in oversea students going to Australia for better opportunities. From health workers to engineers and other professions all are rushing to get their ticket for a permanent visa. With several job openings available for skilled professions, there has been an increasing demand for electronics engineers. All the graduates working as an Electronics Engineers are welcomed to apply for the position. The skill level for this particular position is graduate level, but applicants with higher education level with certain work experience can also apply.

Now comes the part where you will be assessed for your skills and understandings by the official government body of Australia. Engineers Australia will take your skill assessment in the form of a competency demonstration report. Your path to Australia lies behind the successful acceptance of the CDR report.

The immigration process provides a point-based system which means you can claim points based on various factors.

  1.  English language
  2. Age
  3. Skilled employment,
  4. Education Qualifications
  5. Sponsorships 

Job responsibilities that qualified Electronics engineers must perform:

1. Design modules, system, circuits, used for computer, control systems, communication

2. Design embedded software, machinery, procedures for testing the modules, systems.

3. Supervise the process of installation, ensure protection and control methods

3. Establish safety and performance standards for the operating system

4. Design and develop signal processing algorithms, execute them with a proper choice of software and hardware

Scopes related to the electronic engineering fields

As the demand continues, the electronic industry has to cope with fulfilling the vacant space. Engineers have to stay ahead in the competition to sustain in this environment. Electronic engineers play an important role to increase productivity in various sectors like energy, oil, etc. Chemical, petroleum industries depend on them for various functions. Even the health industry relies on electronics for their daily functioning.

Electronic engineers can get a job in electronics manufacturing organization, telecommunication and IT industries, health sectors, military fields, and other various petroleum and chemical industry sectors. Even top leading companies like governmental and private organizations recruit them.

The demand for electronics engineers will reach the highest peak soon, as predicted by the core industry. Companies will be relying upon the expertise of skilled engineers that can handle the tasks related to electronic devices and components. It is foreseen that the electronics engineers are going to be in demand for a long run.

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