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Positive skill assessment

Positive skill assessment to work in Australia in 2022

Immigrants who want to work in Australia can now under the country’s General Skilled Migration program, which offers a variety of visa subclasses.

The General Skilled Migration program includes a skill assessment component that supports the selection of immigrants with the proper qualifications to come to Australia. The candidate will not be eligible to apply for permanent residency without a skill assessment. A skill assessing official is a company that examines your job history to see if you meet their skill requirements.

How to apply for a skills assessment in Australia, step by step?

  • Qualification Assessment Criteria
  • Competency Areas
  • English Language requirement
  • Skilled Employment Assessment
  • Supporting Documents
  • Apply now (fees and processing times)
  • Review (Update)/Appeal
  • Accounting Professional Year Program
  •  Resources/FAQ
  • Skills Assessment Opportunities for Migrants

What are the visas that require a Skill assessment to apply?

The top four primary visas categories that require skill assessment are

  • General Skilled Migration Visas(GSM).
  • Employer-Sponsored visas
  • Temporary Skill Shortage visa (TSS)
  • Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)

These visa categories are open to applicants with the required skillset:

The documents needed for Positive skill assessment are:

  • Receipt of application fees
  • Passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • Identity Proof (ID, Birth certificate, and others)
  • Educational qualification documents
  • Proof of employment (offer letter, payslips, and bank statements)
  • Business activity statements (for self-employed applicants)
  • Resume/CV
  • Roles and Responsibilities letter on the company’s letterhead.

Positive skill assessment:

Under point-based immigration, the immigrant must choose an occupation from the Occupation List of Australia. This list will include works with a skills shortage in the United States. Every domain on the list has its authority for evaluating skills. The Australian Computer Society (ACS) rates IT and computer-related jobs, and the TRA (Trade Recognition Australia) or the VETASSESS assesses trade occupations (Vocational Educational and Training Assessment Services).

A positive skill assessment is required for a candidate to proceed to the next stage of the visa application procedure.

Candidates must meet the requirements given by the assessing authority evaluating their occupation to have their skills examined. The candidate must possess the necessary qualifications and experience to receive a positive assessment.

Your occupation must be relevant to your work experience, the first condition for a good skill assessment. If there is a mismatch, you will not obtain the requisite points.

You must also submit all of the required documents. They must be authentic and complete, and even minor errors can result in a negative score. You must provide all extra information requested by the assessing authority. The documentation should back up your claims of qualifications and experience.

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