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Earn maximum points for Australian Visa

Australia has the highest number of immigrants every year, applying for the General Skilled Migration visa. Professional occupations such as engineering and other ICT occupation seems more promising for the candidates.

Not every application will be able to get a positive outcome due to the lack of higher points. For professional engineers applying for the General Skilled Migration, it is advised best to achieve more points to have a positive response.

Why set goals for higher points?

Higher the points you earn higher will be your chance to get your visa processing done. Whenever the position for Skilled employment opens up, space fills faster than ever. Everyone wants to get that position and hence comes the competition. But with higher points, there is a high chance for you to get invited. The minimum score requirement is between 60-65 points.

The finest way to achieve more points is to get your application approved by the authority.

Factors affecting Higher points

English Proficiency Test Score

For professional level additional 10 points is given if the applicants gain the following marks.

1.  IELTS 7 + for each component,

2. PTE academic 65+,

3. ET B pass

4. TOEFL 24 in L , 27 in W, 24 in R, 23 in S

Whereas for superior level, an additional 20 points will be allocated if the applicant gains the following points

1. IELTS 8 + for each component,

2. PTE academic 79 +,

3. ET A pass

4. TOEFL 28 in L, 30 in W, 29 in R, 26 in S

If your score is lower than the above levels, you receive 0 points.

State Sponsorship (Visa 190)

The maximum points you can earn through this is 5 points. Visa 190 is a bit different than 189 visas. This Visa requires you to stay in the nominated area for the first two years.

Professional year program

Professional year program will get you an additional five points. It can be achieved if you have completed a professional year program in Australia. It will prepare you for professional employment within the country.

Regional Sponsorship

Regional Sponsorship comes under visa 489. It is a provisional visa that is converted into PR after four years. This Visa will let you gain a total of 10 points. As this visa states, you have to migrate to a regional area to qualify for this point. You have to stay in the designated area for four years, and after its completion, you will get your PR successfully.

Study in a Regional Area of Australia

If you have decided to complete your study from a regional area, it has much more to offer. You will gain an additional 10 points for completing your study from any regional area. It can be your higher education degree, bachelors, diploma, masters, etc. having at least two years of course duration.

Work Experience

If you have undertaken your skilled employment inside Australia, there is a high chance to earn more points. Three years of oversea experience is similar to one year of work experience in Australia.

Outside Australia

1. At least three years but less than 5 – 5 points

2. At least five years but less than 8 – 10 points

3. At least eight years – 15 points

Inside Australia

1. At least one years but less than 3 – 5 points

2. At least three years but less than 5 – 10 points

3. At least five years but less than 8- 15 points

4. At least eight years- 20 points

National Accreditation Authority (NAATI Exam)

NAATI examination will assist you with five additional points. This examination is also known as community language points as it is offered the government to enhance the multiculturalism. You will need to appear for this test within Australia.

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