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Engineers australia fast track assessment

Engineer Australia Fast Track Assessment

Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) applications can set aside a long opportunity to process. Along these lines, Engineers Australia has presented Engineers Australia Fast Track Assessment process. The standard procedure for Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment can take 4 to 7 months so you can decide for the Engineers Australia Fast Track Assessment process. You can fast track your application and have it allotted to an assessor or the case officers for preparing inside 15 days. EA will charge a top notch, expense of $275 for this or you can check the Assessment expenses page for avant-garde pricing information.

This service is accessible to candidates who have just presented an application online. On the off chance that you have not applied for the Migration Skills Assessment yet, you will be able to ask for the Fast Track Service at the point of online submission of your application. Simply select ‘Fast Track’ when completing your application online.

Following are the purposes behind which you ought to pick fast track for appraisal of your application.

  • As the CDR handling is a significant extended process and can take a ton of time so you can pick fast track for your application and have it assigned to an assessor within 15 days.
  • If your occupation is in SOL list or if an Australian Employer is interested to hire you, you can choose fast track strategy for skill assessment.

As the Engineers Australia has requested to not contact about the status of application before 4 months for normal track assessment and 15 days for fast track assessment so the most ideal approach to check the status of your application is to send a blank email request for an automated response and it contains the updated information on dates of applications presently being processed.

How much time would fast track assessment take

Engineers Australia’s Fast Track assessment process takes only 20 days. This means that the case officer would get the application within 20 working days. As a result, candidates can use Fast Track to shorten the time it takes for their application to be processed. It is advantageous in circumstances where the applicant’s occupation is in great demand on the Australian employment market.

Please Note:The applicant’s approval of the Outcome of Migration Skill Assessment is not guaranteed if they approve in fast track or not while applying for Fast Track. This is entirely dependent on the quality of the application that the applicant has provided. That is, if the application is complete and includes all of the essential documents and information, the case officer may just need a few days to evaluate it.

Important points for fast track assessment

  1. One can apply for a Fast Track service only after they have lodged their application.
  2. To obtain the Fast Track service one needs to submit their FAST TRACK service request in which they will be required to provide their Migration Skill Assessment Number, Engineers Australia ID, Name, and Payer’s Details.
  3. One can apply for MSA Fast Track service only if they haven’t previously applied for it at the time of submitting the application.
  4. The Fast Track service is meant only for the PRIMARY Applicants. The Secondary applications do not require Fast Track service.
  5. The Fee for Fast Track service cannot be refunded.

What are the factors on which the waiting time of applicants depends

  1. Number of applications with Engineers Australia – as the number of applications with EA increases, so will the processing times.
  2. Provision of Required Information – the earlier the candidate would provide the required information and documents, the quicker would be the processing time.

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