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Engineering Technologist Australia Immigration for PR Visa

Engineering Technologist ANZSCO – 233914 analyzes, modifies, and applies new and current engineering technology for testing and execution of engineering projects. It can require registration or a license.  Engineering Technologist comes under unit group 233: Engineering Professionals. Most of the occupation that comes under this unit group has a skill level of bachelor’s degree or other higher education. However, for ANZSCO Skill Level 1, additional work experience in the claimed occupation or job training is required.

An applicant with Engineering Technologist can specialize in various other occupations from Engineers Australia.

  1. Aeronautical Engineering Technologist
  2. Agricultural Engineering Technologist
  3. Biomedical Engineering Technologist
  4. Chemical Engineering Technologist
  5. Industrial Engineering Technologist
  6. Mining Engineering Technologist

Engineering Technologist is listed in the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) with the  ANZSCO code  233914. The current State Nomination is available in various states like Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, and Melbourne for Visa class 190, and 491 now.

Visa options for Engineering Technologist Australia – ANZSCO 233914

Employer Sponsorship
Permanent 489 Visa Permanent 457 Visa
Skilled Occupation ANZSCO Code Assessing Authority 189 Visa 190 Visa State Family 186 Visa (DE) 186 Visa All area Regional area
Engineering Technologist 233914 Engineers Australia
Visa processing times-months(75%) 9 9 10 17 5 5
Visa processing times-months(90%) 12 12 15 19 11 11

Immigration Visa for Engineering Technologist

General Skilled Migration Visa options are:

  1. Skilled Independent Subclass 189
  2. Skilled Nominated Subclass 190
  3. Skilled Work Regional Subclass 491

Other visa option available includes 186, 187, 189, 189(PT) ,190, 407, TSS*, 485(GW), 491, 491(ST/ES), 491(F).

Occupation Ceiling value

The Occupation Ceiling value is applied to various skilled regional visas which means there will be a certain limit to the selection of EOI for Skilled migration for the occupation group. This doesn’t apply to State or Territory Nominated, Employer-Sponsored/Business Innovation and Investment visa subclasses.

This makes sure that the skilled migration program is not prevailed by a small number of occupations. When the limit is reached, further invitations will not be issued for the respective year.

The occupation ceiling value for Engineering Technologists is 1000, out of which only 140 invitations were sent in the year 2019.

Engineering Technologist Average salary

Engineering Technologists use professional engineering technologies for various projects. They are responsible for inspecting and investing in new technologies. They come up with solutions for technical challenges that may occur in the development, construction, inspection, sales, or manufacturing phases of the project. They gather information, supervise products and assist engineers in the projects.

The average salary for an Engineering Technologist is $97,460 per year i.e.,  $46.86 (AUD) per hour, and can go up to $120,363 per year for senior positions.

Engineering Technologist Job Duties

  1. Engineering work concerned with the design, development, production, maintenance, and modification of aircraft for flight is performed and supervised.
  2. Carries engineering work on the use and growth of agricultural land, houses, equipment and machinery.
  3. In the testing and implementation of engineering programs, it analyses and modifies new and current engineering technologies and applies them.
  4. Plans and monitors the Construction And Repair Of Marine Craft And Floating Structures.

Engineering Technologist Skill Assessment

Engineers Australia will be responsible for the Skill Assessment of this Engineering discipline. According to the Migration Skill Assessment, the candidates have to submit a Competency Demonstration Report that will reflect their knowledge, skills, and qualification as a professional.

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR )

engineering Technologist cdr format
The Engineers prepare a competency demonstration report (CDR) to get their Skilled Migration visa. CDR report demonstrates your skills and knowledge to stand the ground in your nominated anzsco occupation. The skills assessment authority is given to Engineers Australia, where they have listed various guidelines that need to be followed. The successful outcome of your CDR report will help you to lodge the visa.

CDR report comprises 3 career episodes, Summary statements, and Continuing professional development (CPD).

CDR report proper format consists of:

I) Introduction

1. Name of the Company

2. Career episodes date and duration

3. The location of the company

4. Title of the position occupied by you

II) Background

1. Nature of the project

2. Define your particular work area

3. Objectives of the project

4. Organization structure

5. Descriptions of duties performed

6. Personal Engineering Activity

Proper description of the project an applicant was involved in emphasizing all the roles and contributions.

1. Career episodes

Career episodes are put together according to your education qualification and employment period, with a total of three-part. Each part focuses on your engineering activity during your specific employment period. Each part of the career episode showcases your ability and knowledge in the specified nominated ANZSCO field.

Note: If your career episode is based on a certain employment period, you must upload evidence of your employment in the Employment section of the online application.

A career episode should contain the following:

1. Engineering activity performed during your educational years.

2. Working on projects related to the nominated field.

3. The position you worked for during your employment years.

3. Engineering project you were involved in and the problems that you’ve faced and possible solutions to overcome the problem.

2. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) represents your skillset along with your technological growth and capabilities. It allows you to explore your professional networks. CPD helps you to consider how well you have managed your position in accordance with the rules of Engineers Australia. Competency units are primarily broken down into four components.

1. Personal Commitment.

2. Obligation to Community Value of Workplace.

3. Technicality.

3. Summary Statement

Summary Statement is written after preparing your career episode. Summary statements evaluate your competency elements. You must study your career episode to ensure everything is addressed. It has to be appropriately written connecting all the dots of your career paths. Since only one summary statement is required for all the three career episodes, it is suggested not to restrict your summary statement to one page.

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