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Are You a Qualified Professional Migrating to Australia?

Professional migrating to Australia? If you are a qualified professional, Australia Immigration can provide you with a variety of benefits. So, what are the twists and turns? Let’s see how you and your family can benefit from Australian immigration.

Australia will be offering additional Australia Immigration Points for eligible applicants

Australia’s Immigration Minister recently announced that  Australia Point System will be updated for all GSM Visas.

It is decided that the PR applicants will be awarded additional points based on the attributes that will contribute to the Australian economy.

The Australian government expects the following improvements for the new points system:

    • Extra 10 points can be claimed – Applicants with a skilled spouse or common-law partner
    • Extra 10 points can be claimed – Applicants with no spouse or common-law partner.
    • Extra 5 points can be claimed – Applicants whose spouse or common-law partner demonstrates evidence of competent English.
    • Extra 15 points can be claimed by  – Applicants sponsored by a state or territory in Australia. And, the same can be claimed by the applicants sponsored by a relative living in a regional area of Australia.

<li”>Extra 10 points can be claimed – Applicants who have specific STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Qualification.

Check your points

Australia has launched a new scheme to assist new skilled migrants in finding suitable jobs.

  • Finding jobs can be a hectic task in any foreign land. But here, Ignite Potential, a Not-For-Profit Organization, has come up with a new program to help skilled migrants find suitable work.
  • The program aims to assist immigrants in assimilating into the Australian way of life while also assisting them in finding appropriate jobs.
  • The program will be provided in the form of training, workshops, and mentorships to make it easier for the candidates. This will be provided to skilled migrants arriving in Darwin, Northern Territory .
  • The program is claimed to take place three times a year. Furthermore, the organizers hope to replicate the program’s success in other Australian cities.

The Australian Government’s Budget suggests a new immigration pathway for regional Australia.

  • The Australian Immigration Department is proposing to establish three new Skilled Visas geared at recruiting migrants to Australia’s remote areas, according to a recent update.
  • Save the date: November 1, 2019 will see the introduction of new temporary employer-sponsored and provisional work visas, as well as the permanent Skilled Regional visa, which will be available in November 2022.
  • If you’re wondering what the term “regional” means, look it up. In immigration terms, it means that anyone outside of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth can relocate to Australia’s rural areas.
  • These regional locations can be found throughout South Australia, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory, as well as Queensland’s North Coast and Toowoomba, New South Wales’ Northern Rivers, Central coast, and Western Australia’s

For Skilled Professionals applying for Australian Regional Visas, there are 114 occupations available.

  • According to the aforementioned terms of three new special visa agreements. Skilled professionals will get more than 114 occupations within the regional areas.
  • These new visas will be used to sponsor foreign skilled employees in order to address labor shortages in regional areas.
  • Employers in remote South Australia will be able to sponsor 750 foreign skilled employees per year under the five-year DAMA.
  • In addition to South Australia, the Adelaide City Technology and Innovation Advancement Agreement calls for firms to sponsor 300 individuals in roughly 60 occupations each year.

More About Independent and Skilled Regional (Provisional) visas

The SkillSelect system automatically sends invitations to the top-ranking EOIs, subject to occupation list. Invitations are sent out on a regular basis.

State and territory nominated visas

The state or territory governments will identify and choose skilled workers for nomination. SkillSelect will send you an invitation to apply if you are nominated by a state or territory government. After that, you’ll be asked to choose the state or territory you want to seek nomination from. You will be able to suggest a single state or territory, or you will be able to suggest a state or territory to be picked by any state.

Business Innovation and Investment visas

State or territory governments, as well as Austrade, will identify and choose eligible entrepreneurs or investors for nomination. If you are nominated by a state or territory government or Austrade, the SkillSelect system will send you an invitation to apply.

To receive a pass mark for streams that require one, you must declare that your points score is at least equal to the pass mark to  receive an invitation.

You will be asked which state or territory you intend to seek nomination from when you submit an EOI that contains one of these visa kinds. You will have the option of choosing one numerator or any nominator.

It is your responsibility to inquire about the methods and requirements of the government from which you are seeking nomination.

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