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engineers australia assessment timeline

Engineers Australia Assessment Timeline

Engineers Australia Assessment Timeline takes about 4 to 7 months through the ordinary route. The current turnaround time for Non-accredited qualifications is at present about 13 weeks before the application is assigned to a case officer. Referring to the Accredited Australian and Accord qualifications, the turnaround is currently about 8 weeks before the application is assigned to a case officer. The turnaround time for processing assessments can vary, depending upon the number of incoming applications.

Engineers Australia Assessment Timeline will defer processing time for all applications.

Once, you submit the MSA application, you can settle on the Fast Track Migration Skills Assessment process where your application is passed on to an assessor or the case officers within 5 to 15 working days. Fast-Tracked submissions are processed in priority when the work resumes. Australian visa application is used as a fast-track service at that point of submission of the application.

Files are not to be processed during the shutdown period. The dates of closing down are displayed on certain websites. In the event that your assessor requires additional information, a message will be sent to you by email informing you that you have a task to complete in the system. You will need to log into Engineers Australia’s My Portal for details of the demand and to submit any further documentation. Your response to any request from this office must be directed within the predetermined time frame to evade the cancellation of your application.

There are various reasons for the expanded waiting period for Engineers Australia Migration Skills Assessment. Some of them could be:

  • Sometimes the applicant gives fragmented information which delays the assessment procedure.
  • A tremendous number of applications received by Engineers Australia

Engineers Australia Assessment is normally processed via Normal Migration Skill Assessment process, but Fast Track Migration Skills Assessment is a more convenient and faster process.

Normal Migration Skills Assessment: Normally, Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) applications take between 4 – 7 months i.e. a long period to process.

Fast Track: You can speed your application by assigning it to an assessor and having it processed within 20 working days. The Fast Track fee, including GST, would be $330.00 (AUD).

How to Fast Track MSA Application?

The time required to process assessments varies depending on the number of applications received. Engineers Australia should not be contacted during this time period because it will delay the processing of all applications.

Remember that if you choose the fast track service, you can cut this period in half and have your application assigned to a case officer in just 20 days.

  • Non-accredited qualifications:  9 weeks before a case officer is assigned to your application.
  • Accredited Australian and Accord qualifications: 7 weeks before application is assigned to a case officer.

Please keep the following in mind:

Depending on the number of applications received, exact wait durations may vary. Waiting periods are calculated from the date that all required information is received.  Please do not contact Engineers Australia inside the above-mentioned time constraints, as this will simply cause delays in the processing of all application.  By giving us a blank status email request, you can get regular updates on the dates of applications that are currently being processed. An automated response will be sent to you.

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