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guidelines to write career episode reports

7 expert guidelines to write career episode reports for CDR

There are three career episodes in CDR and each episodes is written based on three different projects that you have done in final year engineering, internship program and/or work related projects. Our expert team provides Career Episode Writing Service based on your professional experiences by assisting you to write all three of the career episodes uniquely.

Following are 7 expert guidelines to write career episode reports.

  1. Choose projects that show your skills and abilities, as well as the importance of your work and the organization. As a student, you should select the projects that have the potential for future scalability as well as play a crucial role in the completion and achievement of desired objectives.
  2. Include all engineering activities you have participated in or done. You can also elaborate on your projects, internships, other competitions, etc. Make sure to clearly describe your role in the projects. Rather than measuring the efficiency of the whole project, the EA assessors look at each person’s contribution.
  3. You can use charts, figures, etc. to describe your role in the project. That clearly demonstrates the process of your work and your contribution to the project.
  4. The report must be written in an active voice. Examples include “I prepared,” “I calculated,” etc.
  5. Use high-quality samples provided by experienced CDR Writers and top websites as a guide. The pre-approved samples from EA work best as a guide.
  6. The format of a career episode is extremely important to Engineers Australia. Therefore, you can find more information on the MSA website (Migration Skills Assessment Booklet).
  7. Don’t use technical language, graphs, charts, etc. Use basic English with relevant data, facts, achievements, etc., and every episode of Career should be not less than 1000 and up to 2500 words in length.

Things to Include in CDR for Engineers Australia

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

It is essentially a summary of everything you’ve done after graduating from an engineering program to remain updated in your field.

Three Career Episodes (CE)

Which three essays do you write to demonstrate your progress as an engineer? The essays are long (1000 to 2500 words is the recommended length), must be written in the first person, and may cover a specific time period or aspect of your engineering program. All three CE essays must be based on distinct eras of your engineering career or reflect different areas of your engineering experience. When drafting a CDR report, remember to adopt Australian English.

Summary Statement

On the final page of your CDR, you describe how the Career Episodes you created relate to the abilities EA is looking for, as well as which paragraphs in which Career Episodes correspond to which competency aspects in the required profile.

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