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perfect CPD for your skills assessment

Writing perfect CPD for your skills assessment with Engineers Australia

Continuing Professional Development is what causes you to expand your knowledge and ideas, keep up to date technical abilities and progress your engineering career. Participation in CPD activities can likewise develop your professional contacts network. CPD is needed to attain and maintain Chartered Status.

Understand what your CPD should demonstrate

Type Description Number of Hours Required (per 3 years)
Type lAny tertiary CourseNo limit
Type ll
Any technical discussions, meetings, workshops, conferences and short courses

No limit
Type lll
Activities undertaken in the workplace that have enhanced the areas of practice

Maximum of 75 hours
Type lV
Any kind of private study

Combined total of recorded types Type III and IV to be a maximum of 110 hours
Type V
Service provided in the engineering industry such as voluntary work, interviewing, mentoring etc

Maximum of 50 hours
Type VlPreparing materials for seminars, conferences and coursesUp to 45 hrs for each published paper
Up to maximum of 75 hrs for each paper subject to critical review
Type VllAcademic research and engineering teachingMinimum of 40 hours of industry environment
Type Vlll
Other activities that can meet the CPD requirements

You will have to provide additional documents and details

The Engineers Australia Demonstrate 4 main element of CPD


You can see that it isn’t only a summary of technical abilities and knowledge you will acquire through different activities, it can contain things you have learned while you were working for an organization like how to use any software or coding or any sort of business, the board methodologies and so forth management strategies.

Understand what your CPD should demonstrate

 1.  It should be in the form of a list.


2.  It should be brief, no need to mention many details.


3. It should rather be to the point.


4. It should only explain how the activity has a relation to your skill development.


3. It should also include the relevant information where you practised that activity such as time period, location etc.


6. You do not need to attach the certificates if any with the CPD report unless asked.


7. It may contain any formal, informal and external CPD activity that manages to meet the Engineers Australia CPD requirements.


8. The members of EA may also require presenting a CPD statement declaring their qualification details, current job role, skills and other important career achievements.


9. You may consider some CPD engineers Australia samples before preparing your CPD statement.

CPD Example

Now that we know the format of how to maintain the CPD record, consider the following examples of CPD activities that the engineers can include in their records.

1.Technical presentations.


2. Research papers.


3. Technical meetings.


4. Seminars and workshops.


5. Technical courses and conferences.


6. Group discussions.


7. Technical articles and journals.


8. Volunteering work

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