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length of a CDR report

What is the actual length of a CDR report?

Recently, Australia’s border was opened to Skilled Migrants. This is an opportunity for all skilled professionals to put their skills to the test. Individuals who wish to migrate to Australia for a permanent residency possibility can apply for a Migration Skill AssessmentEngineers Australia, an official organization concerned with bringing qualified migrants to Australia with work opportunities, conducts competency assessments. A CDR report is not required of engineering students who have finished their academic work through any accredited institution. Candidates who do not have accreditation from the Dublin, Sydney, or Washington accords will be asked to submit this report.

The precision required while preparing a CDR report is one of the most common reasons engineers seek CDR writing assistance. Any engineer who wishes to apply for a successful migration to Australia must comply with the requirements of completing a CDR report and submitting it on time, as stipulated by the Engineers Australia committee’s rules and regulations.

Migration Skill Assessment (MSA) booklet

The MSA booklet can be downloaded from the Engineers Australia website as the first step. Following that, assuming you already know the CDR path is the best one for you, read the following sections of the MSA booklet:

The CDR should be based on the relevant occupational category for Australian immigration. “The minimum academic requirement is an Australian four-year Bachelor degree in engineering from a university following 12 years of schooling or similar education,” for example, if you want to apply as a professional engineer. There’s also an explanation of what professional engineers are normally expected to do.


Before you begin creating your CDR Report, you should think about your ANZSCO code and its description. The majority of ANZSCO code descriptions are provided in detail by our experts. Your chosen ANZSCO code must be closely relevant to your sector of work.

CDR report length for each section

Let us begin by describing the most significant components of your CDR report and the overall length of the CDR report each section should have to match the EA criteria.

A. Career Episode

Three career episodes must be completed in order to complete a CDR report. This section highlights your academic and professional engineering experience. Each episode of your career should focus on a different aspect of your engineering work. You must explain how you apply for the job based on your engineering knowledge and talents.

Format of career episode and the total length required

1. Introduction

The first 150 words of the career episode should be dedicated to the introduction. You should emphasize the name of the company, the start and end dates of your career episode, and the source of your experience in this area.

2. Background

The introduction should accept the first 150 words of the career episode. The name of the company, the start and end dates of your career episode, and the source of your experience in this field should all be highlighted.

  1. The overall nature of the engineering project
  2. The project’s goals
  3. The nature of your particular task.
  4. A depiction of the organizational structure highlights your place regarding the career episode.
  5. A list of your responsibilities (provide an official duty statement where available)

3. Personal engineering activity

This section contains all of the details of your project, such as what you completed and how you did it, in around 600-1500 words. You should talk on what you did rather than what your team did because this is a personal competency assessment. You must provide a detailed illustration of the following:

  1. You will apply your engineering expertise and talents to the project.
  2. The duties you were allocated and how you fulfilled them
  3. Any specific technical difficulties/problems you faced, and how you dealt with them.
  4. You created methods and solutions based on your work.
  5. Concerning teamwork, i.e., how you collaborated as a group.

4. Summary

It brings everything mentioned in the previous sections to a close. It has between 50 and 150 words, which include

  1. The appropriate conclusion to what you achieved on the assignment.
  2. How the project aids you in meeting your objectives/requirements.
  3. An overview of your project roles and responsibilities.

B. Continuing professional development (CPD)

CPD can help you stay up to date on improvements in your engineering field. Your CPD should be carried out in a table format and contain all aspects of your postgraduate studies as well as any additional information. This section should be approximately 1500 words long and fit on one A4 page of the paper. As a result, in order to meet the specified standards, your CPD writing must be accurate and explicit.

C. Summary statement

The summary statement is an examination of all three of your career occurrences. This part should be roughly 1500 words long in total. The summary statement will cross-reference your competency aspects with your career episodes. The form for summary statements is easily available for your stated occupation. You are not required to keep your summary statement to one page. Make certain that it includes every aspect of your career episode. Furthermore, you only need to write one summary statement for each of your three career episodes.

To summarize, your CDR report will be around 6000-6800 words in length. We recommend that candidates who are unsure where to begin to seek expert assistance. Our personnel is already aware of the CDR report; therefore, you can fully rely on our assistance. We will help you through the entire process until you receive a favorable result.


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