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CDR report format

I am not sure about CDR report format. Can you help me?

Most engineers who want to work in Australia fail to complete a successful CDR (Competency Demonstration Report). Despite your best efforts, your applications are rejected because the reports are formatted incorrectly. A lot of engineers are unaware of the correct way of writing CDR report format. CDRs are important documents that demonstrate your proficiency in engineering and English language, and  contents must be presented accordingly. A CDR report must follow all the instructions contained in the Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) booklet. Engineering Australia (EA) is the assessing authority and only accepts reports that strictly comply with the instructions of the MSA.

The format of your CDR report

format my CDR report

To prepare your CDR report, you can use the CDR report format given below. The components of a CDR include:

  • Personal information
  • Application form
  • Education
  • Employment
  • CDR report

According to the MSA booklet, all these components must be included in the CDR report.

1. Personal information

The following five things must be included in your personal information:

  • A passport-size photo is required which  must be  recent and clear.
  • Need a valid prime ID (Passport, Birth Certificate, National Identification Card).
  •  Your current name must match the name in academic documents.
  • Your CV/Resume needs to include a complete record of your activities.
  • Proof of your proficiency in English.

2. Application form

You must choose an engineering occupation in the application form for your CDR report. Your details must be related to the skills occupation list, even if the chosen occupation is not confirmed.

3. Education

You must include all of your degree and academic certificates and transcripts. If you have more than one engineering degree, you must include all additional qualification documents. Furthermore, if you are engaged in any other training program, you must provide details about it.

4. Employment details

You must show evidence of your work in the form of fully completed documentation. If the papers are in a language other than English, both the translational and original language documents must be included.

5. CDR report

Now comes the actual report. Many people fail to handle this section. CDR report consists of the following three sections:

  • CPD (Continuing Professional Development): It should be in the form of a list, and it should include all of the latest information about your activities that boost your engineering knowledge after your undergraduate studies. It must be contained on a single A4-size page.
  • 3 career episodes: In these career episodes, describe your engineering experience. Each career episode is between 1500 and 2500 words lengthy, but not more. Subheadings must be organized and paragraphs must be numbered.
  • Summary statement: For each of the three career episodes, write a single summary statement. In your summary statement, you must include the results of these career episodes’  It denotes the competency elements you mentioned in the career episodes.


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