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Reasons For Engineers Migration To Australia

Willing To Study Abroad? Know the Reasons For Engineers Migration To Australia.

There are several reasons why hundreds of engineers have immigrated to Canberra and Sydney from the United Kingdom, Southeast Asia, and South Africa. Engineers who are already employed in Australia and have friends who are employed in other countries are also sharing information about good job possibilities in the country.

Australia is a successful and established country with an excellent reputation for building a solid infrastructure to welcome skilled engineers. A well-paying job, a good standard of living, and a resourceful mode of living are some of the attractive factors of this country. Because of these advantages, Australia is considered one of the most affluent countries globally.

Furthermore, Australia’s minimum wage standards are high in comparison to other countries. Australia’s minimum wage is $17.70 per hour, while New Zealand’s is $AU14.22 per hour, both of which are higher than those in the United Kingdom, France, Canada, and Germany. As a job seeker, this means you’ll be able to afford more affordable rental housing, food, and other requirements, making a migration to Australia more attractive.

There are certain specific reasons on Engineers migration to Australia causes. These are listed below:

  1. We already know that Australia has a Skilled Occupation List (SOL) that includes most engineering jobs. You can also take advantage of the country’s skills assessment tests if you are a graduate engineer with no work experience. A closer look reveals that skilled ‘Graduate’ migrants are eligible for the ‘Subclass 476’, 18 Month Visa, which is a work visa for engineering graduates who have completed their studies within the previous two years. Furthermore, under the Washington Accord, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has made it easier to improve academic qualifications by allowing students to attend more courses in Australia while working.
    As a result of these circumstances, immigrant engineers can easily earn a good career and an academic qualification. Engineers who  want to live a decent life accompanied by skill recognition programs have many possibilities. Working in Australia requires a VISA in one of three categories: 189 (skilled and independent immigrants), 489 (skilled and regional provisional migrants), and 485 (skilled and regional provisional migrants) (for temporary graduates).
  2. Engineers Australia, an Australian recognized organization, has made the English qualification norms much easier and more convenient for immigrant students by accepting TOEFL ibt (Internet Based Test) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) as a means of addressing the competency standard exams for the English Language. This is acceptable for you in both situations: whether you want to pursue post-graduate studies in Australia or if you are an engineer looking for work in Australia.
    In addition, there is a high demand in the country for skilled and professional engineers, with engineering positions rated as “in demand.” The state of Victoria, for example, is continuously searching for Engineer Managers., Mechanical Engineers, and Civil Engineers.
  3. The country offers you free or low-cost healthcare from the best hospitals in the world. The Australian healthcare system provides you with all medical facilities and Medicare services, including free medical checkups, low-cost treatment at public hospitals by specialized Doctors, and medical prescriptions. All visitors, Australian residents, and citizens with equal priority can access the services provided by the country’s Medicare system after registration.

After being eligible for medicare policies, the patients are provided:

  • Specialized health professionals such as doctors, super specialists, dentists, and optometrists give you free or subsidized healthcare treatment through in-house departmental diversification of machinery and hierarchies of practitioners based on their experiences.
  • Free treatment and accommodation of Public Medicare registered patients in public hospitals.
  • You can get a 25% discount on Medicare bills and fees if you are a private or non-registered patient who has been treated in either a public or private hospital.

4) The country provides highly subsidized or cheap education to post-graduates. Higher education services such as MS, MBA, and other postgraduate professional courses are free or significantly subsidized in Australia’s education system. The public education system in Australia has a strong reputation for providing students with a high-quality, up-to-date education as well as modern learning methods. Another advantage is that the Australian education system places a strong emphasis on student accomplishment, which is achieved through study, interaction, physical activities, and practical exposure to real-world industries, among other things. The educational system is more holistic than that of other Asian countries.

In addition, the Australian government provides bilingual language programs for students who are not fluent in the English educational system, removing the language barrier. While English is the primary language in Australia, many schools provide programs in other languages.

To conclude

Because of its growing international student community, Australia is an attractive option for international students. You’ll earn the skills, knowledge, and post-graduate networks you’ll need to advance in your career and life.
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