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Employment Reference letter for ACS Australia

For skill assessment purposes, an employment opportunity with at least 20 hours per week and payment can be considered. The work to be evaluated must be completed to the proper level of depth and complexity for the employment. The remuneration should also reflect the degree of proficiency required.

The job will be listed as Skilled Employment and eligible for migration points after it meets the ACS eligibility requirements. Work experience to meet the eligibility condition, on the other hand, is not considered Skilled Employment and hence does not qualify for migration points.

Each Employment Reference letter must contain:

  1. Employment Start and Finish Dates – these should be specified dates in the format DD/MM/YYYY
  2. Position title.
  3.  Description of Duties Performed – Required to determine the relevance of the experience to the nominated occupation.
  4. If applicable, a breakdown of any previous roles and a description of tasks the applicant may have performed for the same employer.
  5. Hours worked – Country where employment was done, full-time or part-time, and actual hours worked per week
  6. Company Letterhead and signed by an authorized person for the organization (digital signatures are acceptable and must be verifiable) ACS | Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants.

Points to remember while writing an Employment Reference letter for ACS Australia

  •  If your employment is “Current,” the employer reference must include the term “To Date” and the date the reference was written.
  • Your experience will only be considered up until the application deadline.
  • The description of duties in your work reference determines relevance to your nominated occupation.
  • If dates or responsibilities are unclear or easily misinterpreted, the work episode will be unsuitable.
  • Work experience acquired as part of a qualification will be listed as “Concurrent Employment” and will not be considered for skilled employment.
  • Work experience obtained before the candidate turned 18 will not be accepted for skilled employment and will be listed as “not professional level ICT experience.” Generic references that do not include particular specifics on responsibilities will be evaluated as “Not Suitable” due to a lack of information.
  • References containing ANZSCO duties copied and pasted will not be approved. Each episode of employment requires an employment reference letter. The employer must provide clear information about the duties you accomplished and the talents you used on the job in all references. Your employer or a person appointed by your employer must sign the references.

How to submit employment experience

When completing your online applications, you must break out episodes of employment to show “Australia” and “Outside of Australia” employment: Employment in Australia:

  • Each period of Australian employment must be recorded separately in the online application. Outside Australia Employment:
  • You have worked for different employers or outside Australia employment is broken up with Australia employment episodes.
  • If you have worked for the same employer in the same or closely related occupation in numerous countries (except Australia), this should be recorded as a single period of employment outside Australia in the online application.

Your Work experience be termed unsuitable when

1. Working as different employer at the Same Time

Only one employment event is recognized at any given time if the candidates finish one employment period while also working on another.

2. The nominated ANZSCO is not related to ANZSCO.

Based on the information provided in the paperwork, the indicated tasks were determined to be unrelated to the defined occupation.

3. Insufficient documentation results in a failed assessment.

It shall be considered not assessed if the documentation provided does not match the requirements of the Skills Assessment Guidelines or is insufficient to meet the assessment criteria.

4. The work episode is not evaluable due to a lack of detail.

We are unable to make an assessment because the information provided is insufficient.

5. Questions with Result Letters

Candidates should contact the ACS via email with their Application ID reference number if they have any questions about the assessment results.

Tips for writing an employment reference letter

Here, We have provided you with all the relevant tips regarding employment reference letter

1. Do not hesitate to say ‘NO’: If you are afraid or clueless to write an employment reference letter, then you can prefer someone else with great experience writing an employment reference letter in terms of their abilities and skills.

2. Go through the job description:Ask the candidate for a sample of the job description they are applying for before writing the employment reference letter. Therefore, it makes it easy to incorporate details from the given sample job description that they are applying for and also express the candidate’s capabilities as they relate to the position.

3. Use specific examples in the letter:The use of quantifiable examples further demonstrates your confidence that the applicant is capable of performing the duties for the position they are applying for. Provide specific examples of how the candidate has used the skills he or she possesses.

4. Maintain a positive tone:Explain why you believe the candidate is the best choice for the position instead of using negative language. It’s especially important to open and close the letter positively to ensure that the candidate makes a positive impression.

5. Try to make your letter a page long: By making your letter a page long, you could demonstrate to the recipient that you know the candidate well enough and feel they would be appropriate for the position.

Employment reference letter template

The template for the Employment reference letter is given down below so you can utilize it as a guide while writing  an employment reference letter:

[Your full name]

[Your company address]


[Your title within the company]

[Your contact details]



[Include one to three words about your position within the organization, your engagement with the employee, and how long the employee worked for the firm in the first paragraph.]

[Include one to three paragraphs in the letter’s body to justify your confidence that the candidate would succeed in the position successfully in the job for which they are pursuing.]

[At last in the closing paragraph, Include one to three paragraphs in the conclusion summarizing the candidate’s credentials and your faith in their ability to carry out the job’s requirements. Inform the receiver that they may get in touch with you if they have any questions or concerns.]


[Your Full name]

[Contact Information]

Employment reference letter Sample

Even after observing the Employment reference letter template, if you are still puzzled, you can take a reference from the employment reference letter sample.

Jaden Gomez

867 Main Street

Sydney, Australia

Australia Marketing Co.

Head of Marketing

(+61 4)764-0334


December 25, 2022

To whom it may concern,

I recommend James Gordon as a candidate for your company’s position of marketing assistant. James has helped me as the head of marketing at Australia Marketing Co. while working as a marketing assistant. He spent six years working for our company and during that time showed important abilities that make him a viable candidate for the marketing manager position at your company.

James was a valuable asset to the marketing team at Australia Marketing Co. as a marketing assistant. He always sought chances to go above and beyond to help the marketing team. He can multitask, works autonomously, and has excellent verbal and written communication abilities. He also works well under pressure. 

He ensured all marketing tasks were completed on schedule and offered to assist when it was required to help our marketing initiatives. He was so efficient in his job that I allowed him to help in ways other than his regular responsibilities. He participated in and contributed to sessions of the marketing department and helped develop a marketing training program for new hires.

James was a great marketing assistant willing to go above and beyond as willing to go above and above his duties. I truly believe James would contribute significantly to your company as a marketing manager. I wholeheartedly recommend him for this position because I am confident in his abilities my confidence in his abilities, I wholeheartedly recommend him for this position. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any queries or concerns about this area.


Jaden Gomez

FAQ regarding Employment Reference letter

1. What does an Australian employment reference letter for a visa entail?

Ans – A letter of reference for employment is written to vouch for a person’s qualifications and knowledge (often an employee) (experience and abilities).

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