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Writing Competency Demonstration Report

In this blog ,all the CDR Guidelines are mentioned for those Engineers who are planning on moving to Australia have to go through different processes before they get their visas accepted. Engineers must be familiar with the term competency demonstration report (CDR). It is a collection of important documents representing your knowledge and skills as an Engineer. The pathway to Australian immigration lies in how good your CDR turns out. Your CDR report must contain valid information as listed by Engineers Australia(EA).

There are many agencies who will help you in your CDR preparation until you get a successful result. It is always a wise decision to rely on agencies to avoid rejection. There are many things that need to be taken care of while writing a competency demonstration report.

The applicants are required to provide technical engineering application and demonstrated application of that knowledge in the nominated occupation. Your report will be assessed against the ANZSCO society and graduate competency standards. The following are crucial points one must follow to get 100% successful results in the CDR report preparation.

Personal information | CDR Guidelines

Your personal information includes:

1. Passport size photo(35mm*45mm)

2. Prime identification id  i.e. the bio-data page of your passport

3. Name change documents (eg. marriage certificate)

4. Curriculum Vitae

5. English language competency test.

Application Information

The foremost step in this phase is to choose which engineering occupation you are assessing.  Then comes the registration part where you will need to upload the proof of any professional registration.


You must submit your academic certificates, transcripts, etc. You have to mention all the engineering qualifications you have achieved. If you have an ongoing educational program, you have to include your enrollment letter and transcripts if possible.

Skilled Employment

Candidates should submit their detailed work experience. Candidates whose career episode is based on their professional engineering experience must submit a reference letter from the employer. Whereas applicants seeking a relevant skilled employment assessment must submit their primary and secondary document proof.


Continuing Professional Development, three Career Episodes and Summary Statement comes under this category.

1.  Continuing professional development should be provided in a table format. It includes details such as formal postgraduate study, seminars, conferences, etc.

2. The career episodes should reflect the distinctive period of your engineering activity. This must emphasize your roles and objectives in the project. Each part of the career episode reflects your knowledge and skills in your nominated occupation. The content should be the applicant’s writing. Plagiarized CDR will be rejected. Career episode format:

i. Introduction: It includes  the date, duration, location, and the name of the organization.

ii. Background: It includes your engineering activity, objectives of the project, nature of your work area, chart reflecting your organization structure and position, and your duties.

iii. Personal engineering activity: It includes the engineering activity that describes what you did and how you performed it. You can also include the technical difficulties faced, strategies, teamwork, etc.

iv. Summary: This part sums up the overall activities you performed.

3. Summary Statement demonstrates the analysis of career episodes. It cross-references your competency elements with the particular paragraph in your Career Episodes. You have to prepare one summary statement for all three career episodes. All the competency elements must be filled by the respective engineering discipline.

– PE1 Knowledge and skill base

– PE2 Engineering application ability

– PE3 Professional and personal attributes


Once all the documents are prepared, you can submit your application to the engineers Australia to get assessed.
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