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RPL Sample for ICT Occupations

RPL sample for ICT occupation

The Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is a skill assessment report prepared by an individual willing to migrate to Australia. It is an application pathway for applicants with insufficient or no-ICT content/ qualifications. 

RPL report contains the applicant’s skills, qualification, knowledge, and experience during their academic years. The applicants have to submit their report to Australian computer society, and it must be according to their guidelines.

The ICT professionals have to fill in the ACS RPL form to demonstrate ACS’s skills for the Skilled Migration Program. ACS Skill Assessment provides an opportunity for all the applicants from ICT and a non-ICT background with certain conditions. The ACS migration skills assessment checks to see if your educational qualifications or work experience are at a professional ICT level and closely related to the nominated occupation (ANZSCO) for migration purposes.

RPL Category for Skill Assessment

RPL report suitability criteria for applicants are divided into two parts.

1. If your qualification is assessed as an AQF Diploma or higher and with insufficient ICT background, six years of work experience in the relevant field is required to meet the suitability criteria. 

2. If you lack any tertiary qualification, eight years of work experience in relevant fields is required to meet the suitability criteria.

RPL Report Format

As you are already familiar with the topic RPL, let’s discuss what needs to be listed inside the report to stand out against the others. How to make sure ACS won’t reject your report? Here’s an important point you cannot miss while preparing your RPL report, i.e., RPL report format.

It would be best if you showed how you gained your ICT knowledge and skills appropriately. A total of two project reports are required for the RPL application. First, make sure you choose the right ANZSCO code for the occupation you want to apply for. The key areas of knowledge must contain genuine information along with the two project reports.

1. A detailed description of your career episode for the given employment period in the claimed ICT field

2. Out of the two project reports to be listed, one must be undertaken within the last three years and the other within the last five years of the employment period. 

3. Your report must showcase the depth of your ICT knowledge that you’ve accomplished during your employment period.

4. Each project report should not exceed more than five pages in length.

5. The content in your project report must be from your personal experience and not copied from another source.

Practically, the RPL Project Report Form is available on the ACS website. To fill the form, you need to complete two sections that have been discussed in the following parts:

Section 1: Key Areas of knowledge

In this section, mainly two types of assertion need to be followed that are described below:

I ) Essential Core ICT Knowledge

II) General ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Knowledge

Despite mentioning the two topics, only one can be selected for showing the key area of knowledge.

Section 2: RPL Project Reports

You have to submit a total of two project reports. Out of the two projects, one must be prepared based on your projects three years ago, and the other task needs to be prepared that have been performed by you within the last five years.

Why do ICT professionals need RPL samples?

Sure, one can prepare their RPL report, but it isn’t as easy as it looks. RPL report writing is a very long process that requires the ICT professionals to get it accepted on their first attempt. Their years of experience won’t be sufficient to get a positive response from the ACS society. ACS society has set certain guidelines that need to be followed while preparing the report. Applicants can refer to the various RPL samples before they start writing their own. 

CDRAustraliaMigration is a team of trained writers with years of experience in the same field. We provide a wide range of RPL samples to applicants for a positive response from the ACS society. 

Note: The reports we provide are all based on the applicant’s work history. We help you ease the process following proper guidelines from the ACS society. 

Why our RPL report sample? 

If you are not sure about the RPL reports, try out our samples for various ICT occupations readily available for download. 

1. Our RPL Sample will help you to understand the report format and the ACS guidelines.

2. With our reference sample report, there will be less chance of rejection from the ACS society. 

3. Our RPL samples are for reference purpose only. Copying from the report should be strictly prohibited. 

We update our report based on the latest RPL rules and regulations. We provide a wide range of samples for every occupation listed in the ICT field. You can get RPL samples of ICT Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Multimedia Specialist, Web Developer, Analyst Programmer, Developer Programmer, Software Engineer, Software Tester, Software and Applications Programmer (NEC), Database Administrator, ICT Security Specialist, Systems Administrator, Computer Network and Systems Engineer, Network Administrator, Network Analyst, ICT Quality Assurance Engineer, ICT Support Engineer, ICT Systems Test Engineer, ICT Support and Test Engineers (NEC), Chief Information Officer, ICT Project Manager, ICT Managers (NEC), Web Administrator, ICT Trainer. Our quality and genuine RPL sample reflect professionalism, and this has made us one of the best RPL service providers.



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